Zodiac signs stereotypes: Debunking the most common traits and quirks

Aries: Stereotype: Brash and aggressive

The first sign is known for its blazing fury, impulsiveness, and assertiveness. Mars rules this cardinal sign, symbolized by the ram, and represents passion, leadership, and determination.

Taurus: Stereotype: Stubborn and lazy

Taureans may appear stubborn because they stick to their guns. Though efficient, they cherish work-life balance and won't overwork. This makes them productive, not lazy.

Gemini: Stereotype: Flaky and two-faced

Gemini, ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, are good at keeping relationships. This brilliant air sign is curious and prefers variety. New ideas are always welcome.

Cancer: Stereotype: Hyper-sensitive and moody

Water signs with crab symbols are noted for their powerful emotions. They, like crabs, retreat inside their shells under stressful situations. Thus, seen as moody. However, they view it as self-preservation. 

Leo: Stereotype: attention-seeking and self-absorbed

Lion-ruled Leo is a fixed fire sign ruled by the Sun. Leos are charming and generous, yet they may be self-centered drama queens.

Virgo: Stereotype: Fussy and critical

Mercury rules this mutable earth sign, which is detail-oriented. Perfectionists among the zodiacs, they have high life standards. These traits may make individuals harsh and unforgiving toward family. 

Libra: Stereotype: Indecisive and diplomatic

This air sign, symbolized by a weighing scale, must balance both sides to live. They seek balance and are people-pleasers. 

Scorpio: Stereotype: Vengeful and intense

Pluto rules Scorpio, a water sign. They are passionate, ardent, and inquisitive, holding grudges and seeking revenge. 

Sagittarius:  Stereotype: Non-committal and unpredictable

Jupiter, the planet of wisdom, fortune, and travel, rules this adventurous mutable fire sign. 

Capricorn: Stereotype: Workaholic and boring

Saturn influences Capricorn, a cardinal earth sign that must follow norms. Overambitious and dedicated, Capricorns deeply value their ethics.

Aquarius: Stereotype: Aloof and distant 

This final air sign is recognized for its realistic and progressive outlook on life. A stationary symbol that emphasizes self-reflection, they appear alone in social contexts.

Pisces: Stereotype: Delusional and detached from reality

Astrology enthusiasts know that Pisces, the fish sign, live in their own universe. They supposedly have problems adjusting to reality. 


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