Top 10 Intelligent Cat Breeds


Athletic, agile, and affectionate, this cat looks sleek. Abyssinians are highly intelligent and in tune with their families.


Balinese cats are longhaired versions of Siamese cats. Inquisitive cats, they enjoy investigating everything their owners do. They are also chatty cats.


Its exotic coat resembles the coat of a jaguar or leopard. An Asian leopard cat crossed with a domestic cat. They're intelligent, athletic, and a bit wild.


Burmese dogs thrive on engagement with their owners. Playful, clever, and trainable, these cats are.

Cornish Rex

In their play, these cats are rather dog-like, even into their senior years. Games of fetch or piano tricks are popular.

Havana Brown

Chocolate-colored Havana browns are beautiful cats. The Siamese crossed with several other breeds to create this relatively rare cat breed. 


In Thailand, the Korat is considered good luck. They are brilliant and attentive. Their moderate energy is balanced by their love of naps.


Savannahs are rare and exotic breeds with high intelligence. This large hybrid was developed by crossing wild African servals with domestic cats.


Its beautiful coat, curious nature, and chatty nature make it one of the most popular cat breeds. Intelligent, affectionate, and energetic cats.


Singapore is where the Singapura got its name. In the 1970s, the breed came to the U.S. and is still rare today.


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