3 Zodiac Signs Who Finally Get An Apology On September 19, 2023

Today's Moon square Venus astrological transit makes us desire to clean up our relationships and

what we think they owe us or what we think they owe them.

Odd how waiting for an apology may feel like a debt, yet so many of us wait for that one person to admit they were wrong and say they feel guilty. 

Odd also how people feel about apologies and how hard it is for many of us to give them.


Today will bring you the words you've yearned for, but they won't be enough, and after hearing them—an apology you felt was long overdue—you'll feel the entire process was anti-climactic.


Every now and again, you bring up a memory that makes you scream and rave about the person who wronged you for years.


You know something went wrong with someone you previously loved, and while you feel you played a large part in the relationship's demise, you know they're to blame and have always disliked them.


zodiac signs and their relationship goals in 2024