NFL World Reacts To Deion Sanders Unhappy News

Deion Sanders, head coach of the Colorado Buffaloes, says he is “ashamed” of the results of the 2023 NFL Draft.

This year, there was only one player from an HBCU who was taken in any of the seven rounds of the draft. With the 245th overall pick, the Patriots selected a former cornerback for Jackson State who also played for them.
I can’t express how proud I am of you, @isaiahbolden23. You should have been drafted much higher, but regardless of that, I couldn’t be more proud of you. I am well aware of how desperately you need this. He tweeted, “I’m ashamed of the other 31 NFL teams that couldn’t find draft value in ANY of the talented HBCU players, and we had three more draft worthy players at JSU.”

NFL World Reacts To Deion Sanders Unhappy News

The opinions of NFL fans have been shared.

“Having met Deion, I wish the brother much success in his college career and in changing the landscape of college football,” one fan commented. “Having met Deion.”

One of the audience members chimed in, “He’s right!”

Another fan asked, “Why do you leave then?” in their message.

Another fan queried, “Like you found value in your current roster.” “Like you found value in your current roster?”

I’m delighted Deion shared his thoughts on the matter! The best students can be found at HBCUs. This past season is a great illustration of that, and it’s important to remember that athletes who attended HBCUs have a tremendous legacy in the NFL. However, they are dependent on the possibility.

NFL World Reacts To Deion Sanders Unhappy News

You should also send scouts, attend pro days, and do a lot more. One admirer went on to say that “we need to do a better job by HBCUs.”

Should there have been more players from HBCUs draft.

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